Hi there! We’re glad to have you developing with the BandPage API. We have a few simple guidelines that we’d like to quickly tell you about - but make sure to read our full API Terms of Service. Here they are in plain speak:

Musician Privacy

  • Musician Privacy: You cannot use the BandPage API to access musicians’ content without their express consent.
  • Revoking Access: You must provide a clear and easy way for a musician to revoke your access to their BandPage content.
  • Privacy Policy / Terms of Use: Your application must display a privacy policy and terms of use that clearly discloses and describes the information you collect from your users and how you use it.

Data Usage

  • Data Storage and Caching: You can only store the BID of objects; no other BandPage data should be stored. You can cache any data up to one minute in order to decrease response times to your users.
  • Data Aggregation: You cannot use the BandPage API to aggregate and compile data from more than one musician (for example displaying tour dates from multiple musicians in a single concert listing).


  • Powered by BandPage: Every BandPage developer must display a link to on their site, stating "Powered by BandPage ®". Download optional assets.

  • BandPage Logo: Download our BandPage logo assets (ZIP) for PNG and Illustrator files. By downloading the file you agree to follow the guidelines below:

How to use the BandPage logo

BandPage offers multiple versions of our logo, including light and dark versions and horizontal and stacked layouts.
  • Only use the light logo with dark background
  • Only use the dark logo with light backgrounds
  • Minimum size for the stacked logo - 100px tall
  • Minimum size for the horizontal logo - 200px wide
  • When using a small logo include a margin of 25px. At larger sizes increase accordingly based on content.
Examples of what to do

What is not allowed with the BandPage logo

Never alter the BandPage logo in any way. This includes:
  • Don't remove the "BandPage" text attached to the logo
  • Don't rotate the logo
  • Don't change the color
  • Don't adjust the proportions
  • Don't adjust the transparency of the logo
  • Never apply any effects such as dropshadows, overlays, bevels and outlines
Examples of what not to do